Monday, September 13, 2010

Your Righteous Mind

These words were rolling around in my head today. I recall hearing them spoken by the actor Denzel Washington in the film, "The Great Debators." His character was speaking to students and told them that he was present to help them fight for their righteous minds. Righteous minds. . .what does that mean? For me, it meant the ongoing battle to keep the "right words" in my head and simultaneously reject the negative and self-defeating ones. I find that the battle gets thick at times!

Determining what  words and thoughts are right to think takes some effort. If we fail to discipline ourselves in this regard; we may find that our thoughts consist of the reworked ideas of outside influences! Oh my goodnesss. . .what could be worse than replaying someone elses thoughts, ideas, prejudices, or worst yet; misinformation in your head? What affect would that have on you and the life you want to live?

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