Thursday, August 5, 2010

First things first

Priority is a word we all understand; or at least we think we do. We learned how to prioritize when we children. Our parents set our agenda:  eat your vegetables, wash your hands, brush your teeth...don't hit your little brother. Who's priorities were those?

I find myself re-prioritizing my life now; taking the tme to think about what I want and need; physically and spiritually. Sometimes life gets so crazy with "activity" that the essence of life is lost. . .or it sure feels that way. If you are a lady, it's the husband, significant other, the kids, work, school, whatever. Women are expected to put everyone and everything first. Although I would be the last person to advocate for selfishness; the truth is that self IS first. Self is who you deal with when you wake up in the morning, and self is who you either develop or sabotage everyday. Even those completely selfless souls among us require introspection and self development to really give. Giving requires the surrender of something valuable.

I'm learning to prioritize my dreams and desires. I started out doing this as a child but somehow; becoming a responsible adult rocked the dreamer to sleep and awoke a realist.

I now understand that the failure to prioritize what is important to me results in poor mental and physical health.

Developing a personal health plan to address mind and body is the best way to ensure that purpose is realized everyday of your life.I have discovered a few jewels to help me accomplish this. As I develop my personal health plan; I'll share my treasure with you. Who knows; inside of each of us is a plan for extraordinary achievement; I refuse to go anywhere until I've shared my treasure with the world. What about you?

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